Dear Customers,

The UK has extended the lockdown period till at least 7 May 2020 when we can expect a second review. We have had to make changes to our delivery times as the impact of courier and delivery driver is taking it’s toll on the industry. Delivery times have had to be extended and is currently taking upto 5-10 days for most jobs. Local jobs in Birmingham and surrounding services are able to be delivered when complete, same day printing and our current ‘Homework Support for families’ can remain in place.

  • Week commencing 27/04/2020 we will commence doing signage, screen and window graphics during this lockdown period. We will prioritise existing orders outstanding and current clients

A lot of Europe is introducing a soft open stage to industry again. The UK will not be to far behind. Now is a time we need to start preparing and getting all our printing and promotional materials ready for the relaunch. Coronavirus (COVID-19) must remain the forefront of all of our minds. It is worrying to see the increase in funeral order of services and enquires regarding funeral programmes. We have seen friends, friend’s families and those close to us pass away due to COVI-19 including a very good client of ours pass away after donating his kidney to a family member last year. Stay Safe, Stay at Home.

Our supply chains for paper, ink, clothing, server administration and signage materials are proving robust and we are in regular communication to maintain stability. Some business is being affected as ink is proving hard to be delivered, but it has not had a major impact on business.

We are available for business

We have seen an increase in electronic mailshots, newsletters and web services. Now is really the time to get your ‘electronic’ house in order. People have started looking at how business can be taken on-line and may set a president for how we operate in the future. We are still designing things for people and we can make sure the graphics are adaptable for when you want to print them.

We have also introduced floor stickers and protective screens to our available services. Let us know if you need them.

The Government has advised that all work must be done from home where possible. Following our communication with the helpline we have been advised the following:

  • The MRC Media Print Shop in the Jewellery Quarter Birmingham must remain closed to the public.
  • Due to the size of our machinery, we are unable to operate from home so can continue to print as required from our commercial premises.
  • Orders can be placed online, via WhatsApp, via text, phone or Instagram but can not be placed via visiting the shop.
  • Payments must be paid beforehand 
  • All orders must be delivered – Nothing can be collected from the premises.

MRC Media Supply

  • All face to face meetings with clients have been cancelled until further notice, we will in turn use phone, video, WhatsApp, email and social media to stay in contact with you.
  • Some print deliveries are delayed at this time.
  • All website / media solutions remain unaffected.
  • All design work remain unaffected.
  • Printing, t-shirt, signage and banner deliveries are still available but all monies must be paid before delivery.
  • All web, email and hosting services remain unaffected.
  • Week commencing 27/04/2020 we will commence doing signage, screen and window graphics during this lockdown period

Please note: Every customer has access to their personal control panel, with an extensive backup system that can let you delete or change anything (including auto responder emails for if you are out the office).  

Are you ready for the re-launch?

Are you ready to hit the ground running? Are you prepared to beat the restart queues? Is everything in place to get going – Business Cards, Promo Flyers, Business strategies, social media and communication channels? Do you know what your suppliers are doing? Have you stayed in contact with your customers?

Are you communicating with your clients? Do they know you are ready and waiting to start again? Have you made sure they haven’t gone to another supplier? Make sure you are communicating, let them know how you have adapted.

  • Social Media is FREE. Social media engagement and people’s use of it has increased. Facebook usage (which includes WhatsApp and Instagram) has gone through the roof.  Is your LinkedIn upto date? If not, we can help get your business pages and media links up to date quickly.
  • Zoom – It’s became the video conferencing place to go overnight! Video calls have increased by 100% and messaging and engagement is up by 70% – Are you making the most of it?There are alternatives to Zoom, WhatsaApp can share upto 4 screens on a video call. As the country restarts, there may be social distancing still in place. Make sure you are aware of your options to facilitate these changes as video conferencing / calling may play a key role.
  • Is your business in a position to sell your services on-line? Can you start selling pre-orders, vouchers, discount codes for when you restart full service? Do you need a low cost e-commerce solution – Discuss it with us and we can get it sorted for you.
  • Are you using Business Social Media Apps? – There are Business versions of Instagram, Facebook pages, and Business WhatsApp – Use them, they offer you more as a business owner.

Are you promoting yourself in this time of low business to reassure business continuity? Don’t wait till business starts again and get caught playing catch up. In this instance ‘BUY AND STOCKPILE YOUR PRINTING!’ Get yourself ready! Get them leaflets ready, get the new business cards ready to go and know how you are going to kickstart your business.

MRC Media Home Schooling Support:

Parents are home schooling all across the UK. Schools are sending online work for children, but it needs printing out. Some of these documents are over 70 pages each. The cost of ink, paper and access to a home printer is proving difficult for parents. We feel we have a social responsibility to help where possible and have released a number of initiatives via our Instagram feed to help. These will remain in place till the lockdown is over or the situation changes.

  • All homework printing is being offered at a very low minimal cost (part funded by ourselves). These can no longer be collected, they need to be delivered at cost to the recipient.
  • All deliveries in the Birmingham area can be delivered for £2.50 on the same day or next day for home school printing.
  • This offer is not available for any other reason than school homework (normal charges will apply)
  • We are offering FREE colouring sheets to all parents for their children (These are no longer available for collection, they need to be delivered at cost to the recipient)
  • We are running a ‘Design a Coronavirus Safety Poster’ competition with a £10 prize for all children’s posters used.
  • Keep a eye on out Instagram feed for further more regular updates @mrcmedia

Stay safe and stay at home. If you anything do not hesitate to contact us.