Your logo can say EVERYTHING or ANYTHING about your business. You can get free logos out there and logos designed with software that thousands of other companies are using - so you'll look the same as those companies! or have a bespoke quality logo produced by MRC Media.

A good logo design is the start of building a successful, recognisable brand and MRCmedia can make sure it reflects true to the original values and intentions of your company.

A good logo and branding will make your business look very professional. It can also reflect that you are a niche independent company. Let us produce a logo and branding for you, made ONLY FOR YOU!

Adobe Illustrator Skills


Adobe Photoshop Skills


Vectoring Logo Skills


Single Colour Logo Reproduction


Our logo and branding design process:

  1. Give us your brief
  2. Tell us about yourself, your company and your goals and ethics
  3. Have you got anything in mind? Let us know what you want.
  4. We produce 3 designs that you can use as a basis to proceed.
  5. Choose one and we perfect it so it's right for you.
  6. We then provide you with a logo in the format you require


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